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  • What areas do you service?
    Our baked goods are only available to sell within the state of California. At this time we only provide drop off delivery within Los Angeles County and surrounding areas. Please check back for upcoming pick up options!
  • Where is your store?
    Sweet Jins LLC is a fully licensed and insured home bakery located in the County of Los Angeles. We follow the same laws and regulations as commercial bakeries to provide the highest quality baked goods using the highest standards.
  • How do I place an order?
    Once you check out the current menus on this site, you can: Submit an order form HERE You can also place an order via email, phone, to text message. Email us: Call or text: 661-347-8341 We will respond no later than 24 hours, but usually within the hour. Texting will receive the fastest response. All calls will be followed up with a written text or email confirmation. Once your order is confirmed via text or email, you will receive an a secure invoice. All orders under $100 are due in full at time of order. Orders above $100 and all custom orders require a 50% deposit to secure a due date. The remaining balance will be due 1 day before scheduled due date.
  • How long will my order take?
    Every item is baked fresh from scratch, so immediate delivery is not possible. Depending on our schedule, please allow at least: 3 days for cookie orders (order by Wednesday if needed by Friday) 3-5 days for baked donut & cupcake orders 5 days for signature cake orders 3 weeks for custom cakes and dessert tables Due to demand, your selected date may not be available for delivery. Please order as soon as possible! **If you need something sooner, it never hurts to ask 😉
  • How do I pay for my order?
    For all custom orders and orders above $100, a 50% deposit is required to secure a due date. The deposit is non-refundable 1 week before the due date. Full payment is required no later than 1 day before the delivery date. Orders that have not been paid in full will not be provided. Orders under $100 are required to be paid in full at time of order. Once your order is confirmed via email or text, you will receive an invoice. You will be able to submit a secure payment through our wix/square payment system using your major credit cards. We also accept- Zelle: Venmo: @sweetjins
  • How do I get my order?
    PICK UP ORDERS: We will be at the Canyon Country Farmers Market every Wednesday from 4pm-8pm. Canyon Country Farmers Market 18410 Sierra Hwy Santa Clarita, CA 91351 Stay tuned for weekend pick up options! DELIVERY: Santa Clarita Valley: Free Castaic: $10 San Fernando Valley, Simi Valley, Sylmar, and surrounding areas: $15 Glendale/Burbank areas: $25 Greater Los Angeles area: $35 **Large order deliveries may cost extra** **Custom delivery quote available for further distances**
  • Can I edit my order after placing it?
    Each case will need to be reviewed individually, but generally, we can make changes to your order if it fits into our baking and decorating schedule. If we have already purchased or prepared certain elements you want to change, we may add an extra charge to fulfill the change order. There are no guarantees, but we want happy customers and will try our very best to accommodate your requests!
  • Can I change my due date?
    Maybe... but please hurry and let us know! Since every item is made to order, we cannot guarantee a change in delivery date. But we love happy customers, so please contact us by phone or text asap if you need to change the delivery date. Extra charge may apply.
  • What if I don't like what I ordered?
    Once you receive your order, full or partial refunds will only be given in extenuating situations and determined on an individual basis. The ordered products must be well documented or returned to us for inspection before any steps are taken. After delivery or pick up, we cannot be held responsible for damage or other problems with the order due to handling. Each order will contain instructions on handling and storage which you can also find on this page. We love happy customers and will do our very best to resolve any problems that may arise. Please don't hesitate to contact us!
  • Can I cancel my order?
    Cookie orders can be cancelled 2 days before delivery (ex. cancel by Thursday for Friday delivery). A refund will be given with a 10% cancellation fee to account for orders turned away to accommodate your order. Baked donut, cupcake, and signature cake orders can be cancelled 4 days before delivery (ex. cancel by Tuesday for Friday delivery). A refund will be given with a 10% cancellation fee to account for orders turned away to accommodate your order. Custom cake orders can be cancelled and deposit refunded at 2 weeks before delivery. If you cancel less than 2 weeks before delivery, your deposit will not be refunded. The full payment is due 1 day before delivery for all cake orders. No exceptions.
  • Do you bake from scratch?
    Yes. With the exception of special add-ons and mix-ins (like Oreos for our cookies & cream cake for example), all our batters and doughs are made from scratch. We just like our ingredient labels short and sweet ☺️
  • What kind of ingredients do you use?
    Many of our ingredients are organic and all are sourced from reputable sources. We avoid "buying in bulk" and love using boutique ingredients that aren't mass produced. We try not to use too much artificial dyes and flavors unless necessary. We may use 100% edible gold as accents on our desserts, but we won't cover the entire cake in metallic dusts or use non-edible sprinkles. We research every ingredient we use and prioritize quality over price.
  • Do you accommodate food allergies and sensitivities?
    Unfortunately, we are not an allergen-free environment and cannot make any claims or guarantees for customers with special ingredient needs. Our kitchen contains nuts, eggs, dairy, soy, wheat, and gluten products that may be present in all our goods. Customers with food allergies and special dietary requirements should consume our products at their own risk.
  • How do I transport my cake?
    If you have to transport your cake after delivery, keep it chilled until transport. Our cakes and frostings are made of pure butter. Any temperature above 72 degrees will soften the butter and as it gets warmer, there is a risk of the cake structure collapsing and/or the frosting sagging or melting. A cold cake is stronger and will survive transportation the best. Make sure to let the cake comes to room temperature before eating. Just like butter gets hard in a fridge, the cake will be hard and dry (and not as tasty) if eaten too cold. Do not place the cake on a car seat! Cakes must be placed on the floor of the car where it can sit level. No laps either! Always carry the cake from the bottom with both hands. If you don't follow this advice your cake may lean, collapse, or otherwise be damaged. We do not offer refunds for damaged cakes after our delivery.
  • How do I store my cake?
    Keep your cakes chilled, inside a fridge, until 1-2 hours before enjoying. Our cakes and frostings are made with pure butter. Just like butter gets hard in a fridge, the cake must have time to soften at room temperature for best flavor and texture. But too warm and the butter starts to soften too much, which can effect the cake's structure and cause sagging or melting of the frosting. Cakes are fickle, what can we say?? Once cut, a cake can dry out fast. Always keep the cut/exposed side covered in plastic or other airtight cover for maximum freshness. Your cake is good to stay at room temperature (72 degrees) for about 3 days after delivery. After that, they should be discarded or frozen. Depending on the cake, some ingredients or decorations may not react well to freezing and defrosting.
  • How do I cut my cake?
    Cake serving size can vary drastically depending on who is cutting the cake. Taller cakes and sculpted cakes require more creativity. The serving sizes on our website account for more generous slices than most bakeries. Personally, we would rather have too much cake than not enough! Here is a general guide on cutting cake, where a slice is 1" x 2".
  • Do your cakes have non-edible items inside?
    Cakes over 3 layers and all tiered cakes will have 1 or more dowels to help with support. These dowels are thick and easy to find. Please NO FACE SMASHING! We are not responsible for injuries caused by smashing faces or other body parts into cakes. We will specify if there are non-edible decorative items on your cake such as toys or candles. Everything touching your cake is non-toxic and food-safe.
  • Are there custom cakes and desserts you decline to make?
    We do not accommodate cakes with themes that may violate copyright laws and get us in trouble! Examples of copyrighted themes include Disney, Bluey (BBC), sports teams logos and collegiate sports logos, brand logos such as NIKE, and other similar reproductions. Certain companies and brands are more lenient so please ask! What we can do is add colors and certain elements to your cake that is inspired by your theme. Then you can add store bought toys or figurines as a topper to finish the cake. We avoid using large sprinkles and certain metallic dusts and sprinkles in our baked goods. They may look beautiful, but we prefer our desserts to be 100% edible without the fear of breaking teeth. We appreciate your understanding :)


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