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baked mini donut.jpg

Maple Baked Donut

Vanilla maple donut

Maple syrup glaze

Maple sandwich cookie


Vanilla Baked Donut

Vanilla donut

Vanilla buttercream

Dye-free sprinkles



Cookie Butter Baked Donut

Vanilla donut

Cookie butter glaze

Lotus Biscoff sandwich cookie

Earl Grey Baked Donut

Earl Grey donut

Lavendar glaze

Sugared lavendar pieces


Baked Donut

Chocolate donut

Milk chocolate ganache

Milk chocolate bar

Crispy chocolate balls


Chocolate Walnut

Baked Donut

Chocolate donut

Milk chocolate ganache






Peppermint Chocolate Baked Donut

Chocolate donut

Vanilla buttercream

Peppermint pieces

Mini candy cane

Hazelnut Donut

Chocolate donut

Nutella spread

Ferrero Rocher

Gold dust

maple donut section.jpg
scale photo choc chip_edited.png

Chocolate Chip Sandwich Cookie

2 soft chocolate chip cookies

Vanilla buttercream filling



Oatmeal Cream PIE

Sandwich Cookie

2 soft oatmeal cookies

Vanilla & Saigon cinnamon buttercream filling




Coconut Cream Pie

Sandwich cookie

2 coconut cookies

Vanilla buttercream filling

Cafe Au Lait

Sandwich Cookie

2 soft coffee cookies

Espresso vanilla buttercream filling


Cinnamon Roll

Sandwich Cookie

2 mini snickerdoodle cookies

Vanilla buttercream filling

Yellow Cake Sandwich Cookie

2 soft butter vanilla cookies

Milk chocolate buttercream

Strawberry Lemonade

Sandwich Cookie

2 soft lemon poppyseed cookies

Strawberry buttercream filling

PB & J

Sandwich Cookie

2 soft peanut butter cookies

Strawberry jelly &

Strawberry buttercream filling

sandwich cookies group photo_edited.png
white choc cran mac.jpg
Cookie menu header.jpg
big snickerdoodle top_edited.png
blueberry lemon.jpg

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Soft & cakey chocolate chip cookies




Cranberry Macadamia

White Chocolate Chip


Soft cookie with dried cranberries, macadamia nuts & white chocolate chips




Coconut Cookie

Chewy coconut cookie with tons of shredded coconut

Blueberry Lemon Cookie

Soft lemon cookie with juicy blueberries & vanilla icing

Pistachio Almond

White Chocolate Chip Cookie

Soft cookie with pistachios, almonds, & white chocolate chips

H.K. Butter Cookies

Literally melts in your mouth.

Vanilla, coffee, and matcha flavors

pistachio section_edited.png

Vanilla Bean Cupcake

Vanilla cupcake

Vanilla bean buttercream

Natural dye sprinkles


Vietnamese Iced Coffee CupCake

Coffee cupcake

Condensed milk flavored buttercream

Chocolate covered espresso beans


Cookie Butter CupCake

Brown butter cupcake

Cookie butter filling

Cookie butter buttercream

Biscoff cookie & crumbs

Chocolate Cupcake

Chocolate cupcake

Chocolate buttercream

Mini chocolate bar

Triple chocolate crisps


S’mores Cupcake

Chocolate cupcake with a graham cracker crust bottom

Jumbo toasted marshmallow

Strawberry Lemonade CupCake

Lemon cupcake

Strawberry buttercream

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